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Empire Zoysia Pallet

Empire Zoysia Pallet

Empire Zoysia is an excellent sod for Floridians. Easy to maintain and chinch bug resistant, requiring less mowing and chemical applications. More importantly, Empire turf allows the water supply to be shut off in severe periods of drought without the danger of permanently harming your lawn.


  • HOA approved grass
  • Goes dormant protecting from drought
  • Chinch bug resistant 
  • Resists weeds
  • Soft, beautiful texture
  • Excellent wear tolerance, best sod for repeated foot traffic


In-depth on Zoysia grasses and maintenance.


Due to its perishability and sensitivity, all sod is sold without any guarantees expressed or implied of merchantability.

Sod is not weed-free and is susceptible to various insects and diseases. Sod can die almost as easily as any other living plant. For optimal performance from our sods, proper site preparation, and post-installation care are crucial. Adequate sunlight (trim trees) and proper irrigation are recommended along with pest and fertilizer treatments from a licensed professional.


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    PriceFrom $330.00
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